Dual WAN load balancing vs. policy based routing tutorial

  • Hi,

    I have two different WAN sources on different subnets and I just want to draw the most out of both of them.  I do not have any 'advanced' needs with open incoming ports, DMZ, VPN etc.  I just need internet access from my LAN.

    I have read the tutorial on multi-wan policy based routing and I wonder if I should try to setup that in my situation or if I should go for the webgui's load balancing feature for my two wan nics.

    Thanks for some explanation on the difference of these two or tips on how I can most elegantly set up pfsense to use both of my wan nics as internet source.



  • The difference between policybasedrouting and multiwan is not that big. You even can use both simultaneously (send some special traffic out WAN, other special traffic out WAN2 and use loadbalancing for everything else for example). The main difference is that you use one of the interface gateways as gateway for your firewallrules or a pool of gateways as gateway.

    When to use which:

    There are some special applications that won't work well together with loadbalancing (https, pptp, ftp,…). You should use policybasedrouting to make these go out only one of the WANs.

    Other applications can be distributed across both WANs without issues.

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