Discard frame w/o leading ethernet header (len 4 pkt len 4)

  • Hello everybody!
    Everything is working on my hardware but
    the console continuously shows the message:
    cs1: Discard frame w/o leading ethernet header (len 4 pkt len 4)
    ??? ???
    Please help !!!


  • You seem to have some strange traffic on your network. This is just some info output. If you want to make it stop you have to find the source of this traffic and shut it down.

  • Hi hoba!!
    Thanks for your quick reply!!

    I have not yet connected the PFSense machine to the network.
    This warning comes from internal NIC of my IBM machine.

    I can work-around the problem disabling the internal card and
    putting another NIC on the bus. :-
    But i'd like very much to know if there's a way to solve it.


  • What kind of nic is that? I'm using an IBM eserver e330 at home as firewall and haven't yet seen logs like this. Is there any chance that you have enabled some hardwaremonitoring setting that is broadcasting some kind of information?

  • It is a Crystal Semiconductor CS8920
    on Intel 82371SB Pci to ISA Adapter.  ??? ???

    It's built into the motherboard.

    Thanks for any help,

  • Well, then your and mine machine seems to be pretty different. I have 2 onboard 10/100/1000 Intelnics using the fxp driver.

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