Traffic Shaping for Credit Card authorizations

  • I would like to set up traffic shaping in a store that does credit card authorization through a program that uses port 443. Since I don't know much about traffic shaping, even though it may be possible to shape very specifically only traffic for from this program, I think shaping everything for port 443 is good enough. This program resides on one pc, and does authorizations/batch processing for all pc's in the store.

    I have from our DSL connection about 300Kb down and 60Kb up. So I just used the traffic shaping wizard to get a basic set up rules going.

    So I figured I'd set up queues only for port 443 traffic and use percentages to guarantee bandwidth.

    My queues are set up like this:

    Bandwidth 3%
    Priority 7
    Real time service curve
    M1: 5%
    d: 15000
    M2: 3%

    And same for qwanroot.

    Am I correct is believing this will give all port 443 traffic top priority, with a minimum bandwidth of 3% total and 5% for the first 30 seconds? Then once I assign port 443 traffic in the rules to this queue traffic is shaped accordingly?

    Thanks for any advice!!

  • The first Step might be to use the wizard and to activate possible options even if you dont use them right now.
    The result is a list of rules, where you can tweak them to your needs.

    The "big problem" with TC is to understand wht is does, not to set it up cool in pfSense.

    This may help:

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