Load balancing explained

  • Hello All,

    Just to say firstly, psSense (1.2.3-release) is really working great at two school building locations! Thanks!
    I am trying to get a handle on how the MULTI-WAN load balancing between the two wans actually happens?
    I set these two machines up about 4 weeks before school was out so they got a 'real world' workout before next school year starts,FYI.

    WAN1 = 1.5 / T1
    WAN2 = 3.0/750kb
    I have WAN2 weighted in the balancing entry of pfSense WAN2  X 2

    It seemed that the two wans were seeing very close to the same amount of traffic over a period of 24hrs.
    The last couple weeks I have been updating linux servers along with about 30 workstations being used for summer school. It appears that OPT1/WAN2 is barely seeing any traffic,although WAN1 is maxed due to me downloading all kinds of update stuff.

    Is something like jperf to run on a remote server,what I need to do a few consecutive days to see what is happening, or could someone chime in with how to simulate a maxed out wan connection.
    With the round-robbin effect it seems even with a few workstations running the wan's should be a little more balanced?
    I am using the ISP's gateways for the monitor ip for the balancing and the two isp'd dns server numbers for the failover settings.

    I do NOT have the sticky connections checked.


  • Solved

    Hello All,

    Wanted to do  a follow up post on what resolved what I thought was a load balancing problem I was having with pfSense.
    I decided to start tracing back to the IPS's router( That the pfSense machine is plugged into). Low and behold there was a problem with the ISP's dsl line coming into the building. The ISP tech had to monkey for quite a while with the NOC office and finally got the problem resolved.
    The rrd graphs for the WAN now looks like it should.


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