Arp or traffic isssue

  • I have a simple setup 1 WAN, 1 DMZ, and 1 LAN.  The LAN is connected to a switch with a few server on it that use the pfSense box as an egress to the internet.  There is an trunk to another switch from the 1st switch.  The servers on that switch use another point pf egress not the pfSense box.  I cannot ping from servers on the pfSense attached switch to servers on the other.  If I do a capture, when trying to ping the pfSense box from a server on the other switch, I see pfSense answer the ARP request, but it never seems to get to the requesting server.  There are no firewalls in play except for the egress points.  All LAN connected servers are on the same IP network.  I am a bit lost on why this does not seem to work.  The same scenario without a pfSense box does not show the same issues.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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