Cant Access WebGui

  • Its My First Time to Set-up

    PFSense Temp. Server PC
    Cel D
    Foxconn P4M890
    1G DDR2
    30G HDD
    1 Build-in Lan
    2 NIC

    1. Always No Uplink on WAN in Setting Interpace so I set it to "Rl1" Lan Card..
    2. I cant enter the PFsense Gui "" on my other PC browser…

    My Wiring Setup:
    -My Lan Interface is connected to PFsense PC NIC "Rl0" to my Net Switch
    -My Wan Interface is connected to Modem to PCsense PC NIC "Rl1"
    -My "xl0" NIC is Vacant…

    My ISP Connect using PPoE "username/Password Needed"

  • Have you assigned the IP to the LAN (rl0) interface?

    Do you have any other device using

  • My Old Router is using ( but I disconnect it in the net system
    I also connect the lan cable directly to the 2 PC to try, but no success…

    -Is there a color code standard in utp cable on PFsense...

    PFsense Guide on PPoE Type Wan... I always get no link-up on WAN interpace..

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