Can I use port aliases for forwarding different external and internal ports?

  • Let's say I have a ports alias for the following ports:  1000, 1100, and 1200.

    I'd like to NAT/port-forward 40000 plus the internal port as my external port.

      External: 41000 –> Internal: 1000
      External: 41100 --> Internal: 1100

    Do I need two port aliases?  One for internal and another for external?  I've tried but can't seem to get it working...

  • pfSense does not currently allow a different alias for the external port and internal port, or at least isn't supposed to but there are potentially ways to get around the validation.  If you do it, you will likely get a broken rule, however.

  • OK - No big deal.  I'm actually creating my own firewall rule so I guess it wouldn't matter but I'll just manually create the NAT routing.

    Thanks for the help!

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