Netgate Hamakua experience

  • Hello, could someone who has used the netgate Hamakua box comment on their experience with it and PFsense 2.0?  The machines specifications seem like they are just what I am looking for.

    • Fanless

    • Fairly powerful CPU

    • 1 gig memory

    • Non crappy network chips, Intel 82574L x 4, Intel 82562GT x 1

    • Economically priced

    I'm planning on using it with a 12Mbit wan connection, which shouldn't stress it too much, VPN to about 30 sites,  and with several Vlan's that won't have too much bulk traffic between each other.  I saw a post about the fact that a 100Mbit stream of data between two vlan's brought the device to a standstill, so I will watch out for heavy amounts of traffic between vlan's.

    Anyone have any opinions on this device?

  • I have two of these.  They are great boxes for pfSense.  They do have an underpowered CPU for heavy VPN usage or really high data rates, but otherwise it handles everything I have thrown at it.  I have a 22/5Mbps cable connection which I frequently max out and I routinely do bulk transfers between machines on different networks at over 130Mbps.

  • kc8apf, thanks for the feedback, it is appreciated.

  • It's one of the primary boxes in my test lab, been running 2.0 on it all year. It maxes out at around 250 Mbps, 100 Mb between VLANs won't phase it, but if you're using multiple gig links with fast boxes on them that can push serious traffic, you can peg it.

    Solid box, and since Netgate is offering it and they take care of us, you can be sure it'll always work with our releases or there will be documented solutions if something is a bit unusual. such as:

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