Without Internet Access !!!! URGENT

  • Hi, good afternoon!!!!
    I am not able to configure pfSense version 1.2.3 on my network. Internet –---> modem Ajato -----> pfSense -----> LAN. After installation only the configured network interfaces LAN and WAN. The LAN IP and WAN with a 200.xxx ip (Ajato) and its gateway. What more need for the local network can navigator the internet?

  • Have you checked that your client gets a DHCP-IP from the pfsense host ? (no static ip or anything else).
    Can you reach pfsense from the LAN-side ?
    What type of connection do you use to your modem ? DHCP gained IP ? Tried restarting the modem after booting pfsense ? (some isps only give out one IP per site).

    Some more information would probably be very useful.

  • Hi,

    PfSense I access through the local network 192.168.2.x. I could not access or ping any host outside the network, like google.com. I'll make a restart of the modem and my ISP Ajato your ip and gw is fixed.

    Thanks !!!

  • After reboot my ISP, don't resolved…. I continuous without internet access.  I don't ping google.com, for example.

    my configuration:

    LAN (bge0) ---> by DHCP server.
    WAN (sk0) 200.150.177.x ---> My ISP Ajato/Brazil/SP
    Gateway ---> From My ISP Ajato/Brazil/SP

  • Does your client have the pfSense LAN IP address as the default gateway? (If the pfSense LAN address is assigned by DHCP then its possible it could change so you need t consider how your clients will change their default gateway in sympathy with the pfSense LAN interface IP address. If you use DHCP on your LAN I think things are easier to manage if pfSense is the DHCP server.)

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