Weird queue graphs, is the shaper working?

  • Hello to all, i have configured several queues with a max bandwithd (qwandef) of 1152 kbps, im attaching the queues configuracion, now i have noticed that in the queue graphs several queues take almost the max bandwithd available (almos 1000 kbps), which is imposible since the max is 1152, im attaching the queue graph image, look carefully at qpromocomdown and qtsidown at 12:00, each queue has taken 1Mb, 2Mb total bandwithd, that is not posible.
    what should be wrong? is the shapper working at all?

  • I can't see any peak above 1 Mbit, with a full-duplex connection I don't see the point of your question.

    Am I wrong?

  • Well, i think full duplex if for up and down traffic, look at the attached picture, as i see it the rose one and the mustard one are using almos 1Mb download traffic, the up traffic is in the red queues. If the mustard one is downloading ~1Mb, the other ones should not use more than 128k or so. Am i missing somethig?

  • Now, the graphs are weirder, look at qlandef (blue), qglobaldown (violet) and qtsidown (mustard), all of them are supposed to be childen of qlanroot which has bandwith set to 1152kbps.

  • You can see wich queue is using his part of bandwidth, while downloading you can see the ACKs on the other side. I still dont get the point of your question. Everything looks normal to me.

    Compare with the traffic graph - it will show the same "skyline".

    Is 1Mbit the physical limit of your connection or just the bandwidth you configured?

    Have you configured bandwidth-limits to any queue or just priorities?

    That the shaper is working is shure: you have queues!  ;) That means that the ruleset you use is somehow ordering the packets on the different queues.

    What is the Problem?  ???

  • 1Mb is the bw i have configured for qwanroot. the hole question is how can two queues use more than 512kbps at the same time it the total bw is 1mb?
    if it look ok to you, may be i have misunderstood everything and i have to re-read the docs.
    anyway, thanks for your comments.

  • Hello,
    I think I understand your misunderstanding of the graphs :

    In fact you shouldn't read the different curves as beeing represented on the same graph, and thus adding their max to compute your total bandwidth, but the total bandwith used by the queues is the skyline, the out shape of the curve, while each color represents what place each queue reprensents in this whole.

    So on the former examples you shouldn't read that the mustard queue uses 1 Mb/s, it only uses what the others have let to her, corresponding exactly to the mustard part of the curve you see. There's no "hidden" mustard :-)


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