Adding ad blocking to nanobsd

  • Hello there.  A friend pointed me to a site where ad blocking was enabled via cron script on DD-WRT loaded routers. (  I copied the IP list from the url in the script ( into my own workstation's hosts file and it seemed to work well.  No doubt it's unsupported, but is there a way to incorporate this list into the hosts file on nano?  The hosts file seems to be overwritten every time dnsmasq is restarted, so I found where it seems to be compiled on the fly in, but naturally that file is not editable b/c of the RO file system.  I tried to mount the FS as RW, but that did not go well, and resulted in a reimage.  As a longtime user of adzap, I'm quite spoiled and would love to get the same quality of experience for myself and family.  Any hints out there?  Heck, even a manual process would be better than nothing.  (Up to now, I have been using pfSense+Squid+Adzap on HD, but I had the flash and wanted to try something new.)

    (EDIT) Is an alias for the list the way to go (though I certainly can't add 16K+ entries manually)?

    PS - being a new user of nano here, are the packages that are listed in the configurator all nano-suitable packages?  Thanks for reading and appreciative of any replies.


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You cannot use an alias for that since it is DNS/hostname based, and not IP-based.

    You might be able to install the cron package, and make a script that just grabs that list and adds it onto the end of /etc/hosts every few minutes, but even that may not work properly.

    A better way might be to add those entries as a blacklist for squid+squidGuard.

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