DHCP distributed on both LAN & WAN segment.

  • Hi there everyone..

    I am facing an abnormal behaviour with my PFsense deployment. I have deployed PFsense version 1.2.3 with the intend of using it for my wireless network gateway. The key service thati am currently focusing on is the firewall, captive portal, DHCP and some other supporting features. A rough scetch of my setup is as per below :-

    (LAN users on Vlan 22) => |LAN Interface||PFSENSE BOX||WAN Interface| => (WAN segment on VLAN 33)

    I have enabled the DHCP service on the LAN interface to distribute a for the users in the LAN segment. Logically, only users in the LAN segment will receive the DHCP broadcast. However, users on the WAN interface is also getting the DHCP broadcast. How can i stop the broadcast on the WAN side ? Is there something that i am missing, a configuration or some sort ?

    Thanks and regards.

  • Not many details :(  I infer from the vlan refs that there is a single NIC going to a vlan-capable switch?  If so, it almost seems like the switch is screwing up and leaking traffic across the vlan boundaries (at least the broadcasts).

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