MPLS no nat

  • I am going to have point to point lines installed that will have their own subnet and own port on the firewall. What my question is what is the most effective way to turn off Nating between each lan and have it on for the internet access.

    My original thought would be under AON to create a rule going between subnets to have the not nat option selected.

  • NAT between OPTs and LAN is off per default.

    If you're using AoN.
    Have a single rule for the WAN, with as source your NATed subnets.
    Make sure you dont have any rules for LAN/OPTs.

    No rule = no NAT.

  • Ohh ok cool now you put it that way kinda obvious. Thanks

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Actually, if you put a gateway on the OPT interface settings, it may get NAT applied since it is then considered a WAN-type interface.

    But it's easy to get around that by doing as GruensFroeschli said: enable Manual Outbound NAT (AON), and make sure you do not have a rule set there for the OPT interface.

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