Help:routing to 1st route via lan ip 2nd route via vpn

  • Hello all,
    My objective is my network needs to route to, I have two ways that it can get there: point to point via different device and pfsense vpn. I'd like to have  failover or load balancing if possible (or however you can recommend).

    pfsense - 1static wan ip (internet)
              - 1 lan (3 vlans) opt3(vLAN70):
    adtran router -

    1 route to via (its a adtran router on a private point2point t1 circuit plugged into an adtran router)
    1 route to via pfsense vpn

    my preferred route is via (so traffic to does not hog all internet bandwidth), but how can I also incorporate the vpn (incase the circuit plugged into adtran router goes down)?

    currently how I have it setup:
    I have the vpn tested and working, but disabled in pfsense.  I have a static route of via  when I enable the vpn it routes through the vpn (So i keep it disabled until I cannot route via, then manually enable the vpn).
    Any recommendations?

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