Upgrade from beta4

  • Sorry for being a "n00b" but i have what are probably very simple questions….

    I am running:
    Version BETA4
    built on Mon May 8 22:37:25 UTC 2006

    1. How do you upgrade from BETA4 to the latest version ?

    1a) Is it just a case of installing over the top ?

    1. Will this retain the current config ?

    I know the answers are probably on the boards somewhere, but ive not found any posts that answer those points specifically, and i`d like to be sure to limit the downtime.

    Thanks for your patience.

  • This requires a reinstall.

  • Backup the config from your running system (diagnostics>backup/restore). Copy the config.xml up to a floppy or usbdrive (msdos formatted) to "/conf/config.xml". Then Bootup the Livecd with this media attached. The system will come up with the old config that was loaded from the media and will be useable immediately. Then run Option 99 to move everything over to the hdd (system will still be useable while doing the install). After it finished it will have a short downtime for the reboot. This way you only have downtime for 2 short reboots.

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