Intermittent internet drops

  • Every so often our internet connection drops, long downloads sometimes do not down load, youtube videos almost always die mid way through and then after you advance it a bit it picks back up. Web browsing sometimes hangs for 3 or 4 seconds and then comes back, I am trying to figure out what is the problem. we have about 10 computers behind the router and when it goes down they all have issues. is there someway to check if the router is hanging, or if its my internet connection.?


  • I've seen a similar sort of thing on my ADSL connection. It recently got worse concurrently with my phone service becoming noticeably more noisy. I checked with my ISP and checked the logs on my ADSL modem and both confirmed that ppp was resetting many times a day.

    I suggest you enable reporting on your router of "link" and "physical layer" events then record the date and time when a number of these "hangs" occur then check your router logs and talk with your ISP about it.

    In my case a telephone technician did something yesterday and my ADSL connection has been much more stable.

  • The problem is that I have time warner cable business class so my cable router is in bridge mode and I have no way of setting it into logging mode, any other ideas?

  • I don't know about your cable modem but my ADSL modem has a capability for keeping an internal log of events (such as ppp restart, port probes from WAN, …) which can be emailed regularly or examined by logging in to the modem over telnet or examined from its web GUI. Maybe your cable modem has something similar.

  • What cable modem do you have?? If it's a motorola go to the admin page at and check your logs. Many T3 timeouts is usually associated to noise on the return. If you seeing T4's as well then it may be a forward carrier problem which will give you corrected and uncorrected errors. Are you experiencing any packet loss or latency??…..........Since your Business class, I would just call Time Warner. They can see a lot more info about your modem then you can.

  • i had a similar problem, but it was only some web pages, i switched from my isp's dns servers to the free google ones and that took care of the problem.

  • Afterdark,

    Take a look at my topic. I am getting the same thing I have narrowed it down the firewall dropping packets but definitely have nothing past that.
    What you can do is have 3 windows constantly ping 3 different ip addresses LAN (Side) Wan Side and the Cable router. When you lose internet connection take a look at your pings if all 3 are still pinging then the firewall is working.,24407.0.html

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