Snort on 2.0 Not starting on wan

  • Hi,

    I have pfsense 2.0-beta3 build 25th june 2010 (currently after firmware upgrade) I did a fresh install from 14th June ISO

    I have installed snort 2.8.6 v 1.27

    I connect via PPPoE.
    I can not get snort to start on the wan interface. I have completely removed the package and re-installed it.
    I have followed the rules for installing it. by going to Global Settings, Inserting OIK code. Upgrading the rules, adding the interface and selecting the categories/ preprocessors and applying them


    in system log it only said Snort file sync…

    and it shows the interface as "red" and not matter how I try and start it. Either by clicking the green arrow, or going to services and starting snort. It will not start.

    I thought that I must be doing something wrong, so I added the LAN interface by using the same procedure as above and this works perfectly. IF (Lan) = green IF (wan) =red

    I had this working on 1.2.3 but thought I'd try 2.0 (its so much sexier!) nice one.
    any pointers what I am doing incorrectly

  • Is this because WAN = PPPoE and is assigned to fxp1 (NIC) and snort can not bind to it as it does not know what fxp1 is. it only knows WAN/LAN . tried to much around with interfaces - assign - ppps but no matter what I did either snort would work and connection to internet would not, or connection to internet would work but snort would not. (sorry my pfsense/snort understanding is limited) both outstanding!

    works on lan side
    Initializing Network Interface fxp0
    Decoding Ethernet on interface fxp0

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