New basic install, 1 WAN, 2 LAN, 1 WiFi

  • Hi,
      I have a "normal" install of pfsense running on a computer and it is working perfectly and reliably.  I have a linksys router at home that is constantly causing problems and requires countless reboots.  I got a wireless setup from netgate with the alix2d3 board and a wifi card.  My intention was this:

    Port 1 (by the power) = LAN
    Port 2 (middle) = LAN2
    Port 3 (closest to serial) = WAN
    Ath0 = WIFI
      So to make this happen I did the following:

    Bought system with pfsense preinstalled from netgate.  Installed wifi card, rebooted and system found it no problem.  I configured the interfaces as above.  Then I made a rule to allow all traffic from inside out to WAN.  I read somewhere I should bridge the WIFI to LAN so they are on the same network so I did that.  I setup LAN to use DHCP.  I setup the ssid and encryption on the wireless.  Thats about it I think.

    So what is happeneing is this:
    I fired it all up.  Laptop sees wifi network and connects successfully to router, cant surf to web.  Did a ipconfig /release and renew and am getting a valid IP.  Can access router via webgui no problem, can't get to outside internet.  Disconnect from WIFI and plug directly into port #1 and I am able to release and renew and get a valid IP and I can access the router, the webgui, and the internet all OK.  If I leave something plugged into port #1 and connect another laptop wirelessly, IT WORKS!  With that connected, if I unplug port #1 the connection from the router to the Internet drops.

    Is this because I bridged the WiFi to the LAN?  Should I use the WiFi as the DHCP and the bridge the LAN to the WiFi instead?

    If you require specific information please ask and provide details on how to give you the info you need to answer my question.

    Thank you

  • You probably need to have the LAN port connected. For more details see the last few replies in,13351.15.html

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