MultiIP over PPPoE

  • After much work trying to get reverse proxy to work for a single static IP address that ended being a dismal failure (all my fault I can assure everyone that tried to help me, particularly SuperMule), we finally bit the bullet and got more static IP addresses bringing the total up to 5, with the first address being and the new ones (and I find this strange) with one being "unusable" since the ISP needs it for administration.  I'll be calling them tomorrow during working hours to find out what the heck that means exactly.

    Now, I before I do anything stupid, I figured its best to consider what needs to be done to actually make use of these addresses.

    As I understand it so far, I need to setup VIPs first and assign each Static IP address to each one, right?

    Now, the questions is:

    What type of VIP? I'm thinking CARP but I'm not so sure because the IPs are in different subnets


    Also another thing, shouldn't the IP addresses just "appear" on the WAN interface? And I should be able to see them on the Status>Interfaces page, right?


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