New provider, changing ip's

  • I currently have pfsense setup with a T1 and we are installing a faster connection. I'm going to rebuild the pfsense with the new ip information from the isp.

    The isp gave me a router and gateway ip that differs from the usable block they assigned us. (ex: router ip, gateway, usable ip's I have always had static ip's with in the same range of the router and gateway. Do I need to do anything on pfsense special for this type? They said they do this to prevent broadcast storms as the main point to point route between our router and the isp.

    Under the wan settings in pfsense it has a static ip and then a place to specify the subnet, however in this case the assigned static ip's (usable) are under a different subnet. for the servers that I have dedicated ip addresses, do I just configure those in the virtual ip list and specify the /28 in there?  not sure how to set this one up.:/

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    It depends on how you plan to use these IPs. If you want to use them for port forwards, 1:1, or outbound NAT, all you would need is to set them up as "Other" type Virtual IPs and then you can use them.

    If you want to use these new IPs directly on your LAN, assign one of those IPs as the LAN IP of pfSense, disable NAT (Switch to manual outbound NAT and delete the rules) and then you can either setup DHCP or assign the remaining IPs to LAN clients, using pfSense's IP as the gateway.

    You could also do a traditional LAN subnet with NAT, and use these IPs in that way on a DMZ if you like.

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