Soekris 4801/pfsense slow….

  • Hello,

    Installed the 2gb image of the latest PFsense on a Sandisk extremeIII CF card in a 4801…

    I have a 40d/20u service but I am only getting 13mb on the 4801.

    I was getting 25mb on my old Linksys WRT54GS 2.1 with DD-WRT firmware.

    Did I do something wrong or is this about all I should expect speedwise from the Soekris?


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Soekris Engineering net4801

    This compact, low-power, low-cost, advanced communication computer is based on an up to 266 Mhz 586 class processor. It has three 10/100 Mbit ethernet ports, up to 256 Mbyte SDRAM main memory and uses a CompactFlash module for program and data storage. It can be expanded using a MiniPCI type III board and a low-power standard PCI board.

    Given those specs, you might be lucky to see in the 20's or so. Less if you are using any kind of VPN, traffic shaping, or other CPU-bound features. That's a pretty underpowered device. You'd get the full speed of that line on something faster like an ALIX 2D3 or a newer Soekris board like a 5501.

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