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  • Hi, I'm serching information on how config.xml is parse to create the script.

    OLSR web interface lack a lot of options and I need to add one. If I add this option in the web interface to add it in the config.xml (or add it direcly in the config.xml), when the config will be parse, it would not know how to interpret this new option so I have to add somewhere what to do with this option.

    I serched on the pfsense wiki and documentation but have not found anything on this. Is their a how to or doc for this ?

    Also, as a suggestion, it would probably be easyer for developer and the one who want to add option like me to have a more standard script. OpenWRT have found a good way to parse script without having to interpret it and just give the true olsr.conf command line with some Openwrt command like "config", "option" and "option library".

    Exemple of a PF OLSR SCRIPT :


    this options doesn't exit in olsr.conf script so the have to be interpret while parsing the config.xml file.

    Exemple of the same option in OpenWRT script :

    config 'LoadPlugin'                  
       option library ''
       option port '8117'

    This options are true olsr.conf option so if we add a new option and olsrd know how to interpret it, it will work without adding how to interpret this line when parsing the file. If we update the plugin, we can easyly add the new option with

    option newoption 'parameter'.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    look in /etc/inc/ around line 952.

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