Shared VLAN Between two offices

  • I have a site with two companies that want to share a VoIP system which is working fine however I would like the pfSense to be the gateway for the VLAN but use the existing router which is within the same VLAN for connecting to the internet.

    Office 1 has the existing pfSense and needs to be able to access reports from the PBX within the VLAN
    Office 2 only needs to be able to access the phones and reports from the PBX do not require any access to the pfsense firewall.

    All my firewall rules are in place and working correctly

    My setup is as follows:-

    pfSense     1.23
    Subnet /24
    Gateway for PBX and IP Phone

    My PBX has no issues with accessing the internet however it is connecting via my WAN and not the router within the same VLAN i have added the gateway of the router within the VLAN setup to no effect and when I setup a static route i then can't access the VLAN via the pfsense box.

    Any help would be great.



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