Ipsec throughput above 100Mbit.

  • Hi All,
    I'm using two Pfsense 1.2.3 for a few month now.
    There is an IPSEC tunnel between those machines, I have upgraded the circuit to 1 Gig and noticed that I can't transfer more than 103Mbs over this IPSEC tunnel.

    The cpu usage is 63% (interrupt).

    I have disabled the IPSEC and I can transfer easily above 300Mb.

    Where is the limit?

    Many Thanks.

  • Ok found it.
    The machine is not strong enough.
    When Im using DES instead of 3DES I can get 170Mb.
    But when I use AES I'm getting 200Mb.
    It's a dual core HP server,

    Thanks Everyone,

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That's not so surprising given the speeds you're working with. VPN encryption is quite CPU-intensive.

    You might also try CAST 128.

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