Maximum number of VPN connections

  • I have a small questions.
    Can pfSense support a great number of VPN connections? Either PPTP or IPSec, really don't care.

    I am talking about more than 10.000 (somewhere around 20.000 would be nice :) ) simultaneous connections. And if so, what would be the necessary hardware?

    Thanks in advance

  • I dont see why not.
    With such a big amount of connections RAM might be something to look into.
    You will have to increase the default statetable size of 10'000 to something bigger.
    Estimated you need 1kb of RAM for each connection.
    With 2GB of RAM you can safely set the table to 1'000'000 ~ 1'500'000

    CPU wise the number of connections has a smaller impact than how much bandwidth you want to push.
    What are you expecting?

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