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  • Hello all,

    I have installed and got to the point where I have lan and wan and another 4 opt cards showing as up. I can access fine.

    I know nothing about networks and am learning the terminology as best I can so this makes searching difficult for me…

    The object here is to replace a 4port + wireless router (which I want to connect back to this on one of the opt cards)

    So, would one of you fine fellows be kind enough to link to any guide showing the steps required to put the other opt cards in a state whereby they can connect individual computers to the Lan/Wan

    My second question....Do you think buying "the book" will enable me to progress further with this or must I first learn the terminology before it will be useful?

  • Buying the book will certainly help since it has good step-by-step howtos which will guide you to learn the terminology.

    To your plan to convert a 4port/wlan router with a standard PC with 4 NICs:
    I think this is not such a good thing.
    With a standard 4port/wlan router have essentially the router + a 4port switch in one case.
    With the pfSense you have a "real" multiport router.

    Meaning with the cheap router, the router will only see traffic intend for itself.
    The rest is handled by the built in switch.
    The pfSense would have to process each and every packet passing through it, if you want to connect the 4 OPTs together.

    What i would do: get a cheap normal switch and connect it to one of the ports of the pfSense.

  • Thanks GF ….I seem now to be at the point where Buying the book can only be a good thing....

    I have so much to learn and only an old head to do it with  :'(

    Managed to get opt's on the is getting the firewall to allow them.... at times like this I wonder....why do I say computing and stuff is fun???

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