Pfsense uploading constantly

  • hi guys have a weird issue with pf sense.
    first a quick run through of my setup.
    i've got an adsl service sharing the same physical network as the pf box with 2 NIC(been running without any major problems for a few months) then a couple of pcs then it goes to a wireless ap on the roof and is shot about a 1km to my current house through a switch and into a couple of pcs including the main p2p machine.

    using bandwidthd it's been showing the lan ip of the pf box uploading a lot of data. using between quarter and half my bandwidth for most of the day everyday, the pattens don't match up to the bandwidth pattens on any other devices. i've made a rule trying to block it but doesn't seem to help. promiscuous mode is unchecked. any ideas?

    below is an extract of bandwidthd is lan side of pfsense is wan side of pfsense
    Top 20 IPs by Traffic - Daily
    Ip and Name Total Total Sent Total Received FTP HTTP P2P TCP UDP ICMP
    Total 25.8G 4.8G 21.0G 51.7K 1.3G 5.6M 23.8G 1.9G 64.5M 23.1G 2.9G 20.1G 51.7K 440.5M 4.0M 21.3G 1.7G 45.3M 1.7G 1.6G 105.3M 0 0 1.3M 1.7G 50.9M 9.4M 359.7M 138.6M 221.2M 0 356.6M 136.2K 356.6M 3.1M 0 339.8M 36.6M 303.3M 0 329.4M 172.0K 338.1M 1.8M 3.6K 224.0M 55.5M 168.4M 0 205.8M 0 214.8M 9.1M 37.2K 89.7M 26.2M 63.5M 0 25.8M 0 26.4M 63.2M 15.9K 14.0M 8.0M 6.0M 0 0 288 332.9K 4.0M 9.7M 2.2M 0 2.2M 0 0 0 0 2.2M 0 69.5K 0 69.5K 0 0 0 0 69.5K 0 17.4K 17.4K 0 0 0 0 0 17.4K 0 15.5K 0 15.5K 0 0 0 15.5K 0 0

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    I'm not sure if bandwidthd is monitoring that on the LAN interface or WAN interface, or some combination of both. If it's on the LAN interface, the LAN "upload" would really be traffic received from hosts on the LAN, so it would be local traffic and not necessarily going out to the Internet.

    It would likely show up this way from services you have on pfSense (like squid), but it could be a number of things.

    Traffic going out the WAN would not have a "source" of the pfSense box's LAN IP.

  • i found the problem. my browser is always open and constantly refreshing bandwidthd and imspector. the downtime were when the wireless burped and timed out the page till i manual refreshed it.

    mystery solved

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