Noobie wants to Learn: Configuring PFsense and some Networking Tier 1

  • After soo many tries, my pfsense is finally working but I still want to learn how optimize it one step of a time…

    My Set-up/Net Specs
    Country: PH
    DSL Provider - PLDT
    DSL Banwidth speed - 1.5~1.7mbps DOWN & 0.6~0.7mbps UP
    Latency - 38ms~44ms (
    PC connected in the Network: 23 PCs
    My Net Skill: very Basic

    Note: I know...

    Here we GO:

    "Networking Related"

    1. Latency
    some of DSL user I know got low (number) latency compare to mine…
    Rules: Playing Soldier Front Philippines Only (FPS Online Game)
    Subject 1 PLDT DSL user (12PCs) = 16ms~20ms
    Subject 2 Sky DSL User (9PCs) = 14ms~18ms
    Subject 3 Smart Broadband User(7PC) = 8ms~16ms

    PLDT DSL via phoneline and No. 1 Provider in PH "Fast and Stable"
    Sky DSL via Phoneline "Fair"
    Smart Brodband Wifi uses Antenna (canopy) to get Internet connection "No. 1 Cellular & wireless Company. here"

    PFsense Related
    Whats my First Step to Configure in a Default working configuration of PFsense

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