Shaping: HTTP traffic is very slow when OPT1 FTP sending file…

  • I'm WAN/LAN/OPT1. FTP PASV Server is on OPT1 (sk2)

    When a file is downloaded on FTP server from outside, LAN http traffic become very slow, what is the best optimisation to keep fast http trafic and priorize http packets before ftp packets? I use the webGui to help me for shaping but it doesn't work. I try to understand Qos is not my best…

    I precise than FTP trafic go correctly trough "qOthersLow" queue and Http traffic trough the "qOthersHigh" queue.

    Here is my conf:
    altq on  sk2 hfsc bandwidth 30Mb queue {  qACK,  qDefault,  qOthersHigh,  qOthersLow  }
    queue qACK on sk2 bandwidth 18.6% hfsc (  ecn  , linkshare (0b, 100, 18.6%)  )  
    queue qDefault on sk2 bandwidth 9.3% hfsc (  ecn  , default  )  
    queue qOthersHigh on sk2 bandwidth 9.3% hfsc (  ecn  , linkshare (0b, 200, 9.3%)  )  
    queue qOthersLow on sk2 bandwidth 7% hfsc (  ecn  , linkshare (7%, 500, 7%)  , upperlimit 20000Kb  )

    Firewall rules with queues:
    pass   out  proto tcp  from any to any port 80   queue (qOthersHigh,qACK)  label "USER_RULE: m_Other HTTP outbound"
    pass   out  proto tcp  from any to any port 443   queue (qOthersHigh,qACK)  label "USER_RULE: m_Other HTTPS outbound"

    pass  in  quick  on $WAN reply-to ( sk2 )  proto tcp  from any to port 55535 >< 56560  flags S/SA keep state  queue (qOthersLow,qACK)  label "USER_RULE: FTP"

    Thanks for your help!

  • Just modify the rule for ftp to
    pass in on $WAN from any to port 21 queue (qOthersLow,qACK)  label "USER_RULE: FTP"

    And the magic will happen ;)

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