Squid and NTOP stop working after some hours

  • hello,

    I am using the update version 1.0.1 of pfsense, i have installed squid and ntop.

    both work well for some hours and then stop workind randomly without any modification in the system

  • How much RAM do you have?

  • 256Mb

  • This might be not enough for running ntop and squid. A large swap partition might help but the system will become slow when starting to swap. Monitor your memory and swap usage. I guess it's just running out of memory and is killing the processes due to that.

  • what is the optimal hardware configuration ?

    I am already running a P4 2.6 GHz with 256MB DD-RAM
    swap is 256 or 512 Mb i have not changed the default value during initial installation

    actual information in system shows :

    CPU usage : 3 %
    Memory Usage : 63 % (I have noticed that when squid was not installed i have 38 %)
    Swap usage : 3 %
    Disk Usage : 1 %

  • Monitor the values at status>system and stresstest your system (like running bittorrents and multiple http downloads).

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