Problem staying logged in to certain sites

  • Just put a pfSense firewall in place at another client, and it's mostly working well, but with one big problem.  They can log into '' but get kicked out within seconds with a 'session expired' message.  Only happens when they're going through pfSense.

    They have a multi wan setup, with a T1 and a DSL line, load balanced.  I've tried setting both a LAN rule and a static route to route traffic to that site over just the T1, but they're still having the same problem.  Squid is also running on there, but they have the same problem even when I turn it off.

    Any ideas?

  • have you tried creating an outbound firewall rule for all https traffic to go out on only one of your routers.

    you can check that the rule works using by using this link



  • Thanks; it looks like that may have done it.  I'm not sure why a protocol based rule worked, where an IP based one didn't.  Their site must hit some other address at some point and they don't want to admit it.

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