2 PPPoE and IGMP over one interface

  • Hi,

    I want to build a simple home router/firewall with pfSense, but I am not sure if it will work with this particular configuration.

    To access my ISP, I need to set up two PPPoE WAN connections over one Ethernet interface: one for my ISP intranet (, one for the internet. Obviously, I don't need any kind of failover between them.

    Additionaly, I need to receive incoming IGMP traffic on the same Ethernet interface (for IPTV), preferably passing it to my LAN through udpxy (mostly because i don't want to do a lot of multicasting over "dumb" switches in my LAN).

    Can it be done with pfSense without a headache, or it will be as time-consuming as with general-purpose Linux/FreeBSD distros?

    Also, will two PPPoE WAN connections in pfSense work over a single VLAN? (this is for future, not for this case)

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