Anyone using a Firebox X550e/X750e/X1250e for pfsense…

  • Hi all!

    Is there anyone here who runs pfsense on a Firebox X550e, X750e or X1250e and who happens to have either kept the original CF card untouched or has made an image of the original software of the Firebox?

    The reason I'm asking is because I have to restore a Firebox X750e which had pfsense installed onto the original CF card by someone. As there is no support on this box Watchguard isn't willing to help without spending big $$$. I would need an image of the original CF card's content, no matter how old it is. The X750e I have is licensed up to the latest XTM and therefore there shouldn't be any issues if I use an image from another box (all the functionality is bound to the serial number anyways which is coded into the hardware, so all I'm doing is restoring software the Firebox is licensed for).

    It has to come from a X550e, X750e or X1250e, images from other Fireboxes (X500/700/1000, FB II, FB III etc) probably won't work but I'm willing to try if they run Fireware and not the old WFS.

    So please, if you have a Firebox X550e, X750e or X1250e and either have the original CF card with the Watchguard software on it or a dd image, send me a PM quickly! I would need the image as soon as possible, ideally by yesterday  ;)



  • Check your PM.

  • If someone else does have the card or an image of the card's original content please let me know!


  • Solved!

    Thanks to all that replied!


  • Sorry to drudge up an old post, but I seem to have the exact same problem as the OP with my x550e.  Does anybody happen to have the CF image handy?

  • Netgate Administrator

    What size is your CF card? I have two one 128MB the other is 256MB.


  • Mine was a 256.  Although it looks like I'm going to have to go out and grab a new card while I'm at it.

    Thanks for the speedy reply!

  • Netgate Administrator

    Well that was a bit of a struggle.
    The image I created is 256MB using Winimage (a virtual hard disk file) but actually only contains about 30MB of data across three partitions. I compressed it RAR but then ran into a 20MB limit on files at Google sites so it's split into two parts.
    You should be able to write it back to a CF card either with Winimage (free trial) or physdiskwrite.
    Find the files here.


  • I got a flash card that has no password and it is ready to use.  I can make a ISO and let you have it.  Please contact me.

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