Does RealTek NIC card work well in pfsense?

  • I am new to pfsense and currently ongoing setup..
    I had finished the installation of pfsense in my P4 using 3 NIC card (D-link)
    PFsense detects them as rl0,rl1 and rl2

    I had not finished my configuration yet, I still do get internet connections. But i can access or already accessed the webGUI
    As an observation, i noticed that my pfsense often display an error of rl1 watchdog time.

    What does this mean?
    Is this the reason why i could not connect to internet? Or Does it has something to do with the NIC that i am using?

    Please help….


  • They generally work ok for the basics, but they're also some of the crappiest hardware ever built. watchdog timeouts can be any number of issues, possibly fixed by a BIOS update or changing BIOS settings such as PNP OS to no. Or get some decent NICs, Intel preferred.

  • I (and quite a few other people) have had real problems with those Realtek NICs.
    Nasty st-st-stuu-uu-uuttering action if you get my meaning.
    AS someone else said  "They give new meaning to the term 'low end' "
    Everyone recommends the Intel 1000's and so do I.

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