CRC and Frame Errors

  • All,

    I have a Dell PowerEdge 350 rackmount server I've refurbished, running pfSense Release 1.0.0. It is running a single 850MHz Celeron processor and 512MB RAM. As with all PowerEdge 350 models, it comes equipped with on-board Intel Intel Pro/100+ adapters. Additionally, I've added an Intel Pro/100 S Dual Port Server Adapter for a total of 4 independent ethernet ports.

    The device is connected to an ethernet uplink operating at 10/Full and an ethernet downlink operating at 100/Full to a Cisco 2924-XL switch, using VLANs.

    The problem is that under load (>4Mbps throughput) the switch starts to show frame and CRC errors from the device. I've tried all 4 ethernet ports, multiple ports on the switch and changing ethernet cables (BTW, it's only about 5 feet long) to no avail. Autosense is disabled and all ports are locked to the proper speed and duplex settings.

    Any ideas what could possibly be wrong?????

  • Turn back on autonegotiation. Setting modes to only one end where the other end is doing autonegotiation can have some strange effects.

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