PFSense dropping SSH when using alternative ports

  • We are Nating an external port to port 22 on the lan for SSH connection, but everytime I attempt to ssh -p xxxxx user@domain i get as far as password but after that is as if the connection is dropped …. Any suggestions ?


  • Hmmm, well I forward a non-standard port to 22 on an inside host and it works fine.  Have you tried different ports?

  • Does it do this when connecting to the SSH server on its local address?  It is likely an issue on your SSH server itself.  If you don't have a shell defined for the user (one that will stick around and not just close immediately), it will close the connection after authentication.

  • I am not sure if mortified is the correct word but basically I did not Auto fill from NAT and my firewall rule was pointing to incorrect IP address ….. It works like a charm when it is set correctly !!

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