• a integrated bittorent client package would be nice :) with the possibility to use a external usb2.0 harddrive.
    Some new routers on the market had this feature.
    With pfsense on 24/7 it would be nice to seed torrents on it at night. :)

  • First sorry bout my english I try my best…

    Why don't you just install rtorrent and screen with pkg_tools?

    I would like to see packet for seeding pfsense iso's. I mean that there would be some simple torrent-software, like ctorrent and some tool for controlling it. With that everybody who wants to help could seed pfsense-releases. Hopefully somebody got my point  :-[

  • What the hell does a p2p client do on a firewall  ???

    Drill this hole into your firewall yourself  :P

  • IMHO, if ASUS want to introduce utterly pointless and potentially insecure crap onto their firewall in the name of marketing, let them.

    If you want a marketing driven firewall as opposed to a solid, secure, reliable firewall, buy it.

    If you want a solid, secure, reliable firewall with no (few?) gimmicks, use pfSense.

    They're 2 different products aimed at different markets and I for 1 know which I'd rather be using.

    Hugs pfSense :D

  • Hell…

    thanks scott we can use pfSense...  ;D

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