Squid configured as transparent proxy to reflect client IP address

  • Hi.. I would like to ask if there is a way to configure the squid package to reflect the client IP addresses into the WAN interface?  ???  I configured the squid / pfsense to act as a transparent proxy.  The plan is to in-line the squid / pfsense with a bandwidth manager.  The problem with this is that the bandwidth manager only recognizes the PFSENSE WAN ip and it unable to see the ip address of the client workstations connecting behind the firewall…. :-\

    comments / suggestions will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    No, there isn't a way to preserve the IPs in that way. Squid does have some built-in bandwidth management features (delay pools) but I haven't used them.

  • Thank your for the suggestion.  Actually I also noticed that feature and also haven't tried it yet.  maybe i would create a separate environment to test the configuration.

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