Rc.conf - what do I use instead?

  • I am trying to install a custom package and it is asking me to set things in the rc.conf file.  This file does not exist on pfSense and I'm wondering where I can put this configuration.

  • I used /etc/rc.conf.local for running ddclient, pfSense nukes /etc/rc.conf at startup but seems to leave /etc/rc.conf.local alone. Also note that scripts in /usr/local/etc/rc.d have be named *.sh for them to start automatically.

  • Rc.conf.local doesn't exist on my system.  If I create it, will it be processed?

  • Okay - the rc.conf.local helped me to get Quagga running.  My only problem is that /var/run/quagga gets removed upon reboot.  How do I automatically create this directory upon system boot (or prevent it from being removed)?

  • I put some stuff at the bottom of the rc file and it is all working now.

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