Pfsense / untangle / Endian Content Filtering

  • Hey all, new here but I have been reading as much as I can and playing with different packages trying to find the best solution for my needs.

    Basically all I am looking for is a LIGHTWEIGHT basic router that can filter content (porn etc) and AV would be great.  I have installed pfsense and squid/squidguard however it's missing a few features and functions that are more than likely user error.

    1:) I can get squid/squidguard working in transparent mode however after a reboot the service says its started but it wont filter until I either hit apply under the squidguard or restart the service.
    2:) ClamAV is the same issue in transparent mode
    3.) Automatic updates on sites?

    Is there a different solution to filter content other than using squid/squidguard?  I have seen ip_blacklist but does that auto update?  Is there more a dynamic solution?

    I really really really would love to use pfsense due to the lightweight nature of it.

    any help would be awesome!


  • Depending on the details of your requirements, pfSense for the router/firewall and OpenDNS ( might be satisfactory for the content filtering. For this combination you would configure OpenDNS as your name servers, then a name to IP address for a site hosting "unsuitable" content would return the IP address of an OpenDNS server that displays a message that access to the site is blocked and the category for which it is blocked.

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