Help: How do I configure my loadbalancer and failover given these…

  • I using 2 ISP both with static IP and they are of the same provider (the same DNS server). See details below:

    DSL1 (WAN1) (2.2mbps)                            DSL2 (OPT1) (1.3mbps)
    Ip address:                        Ip address:
    Subnet mask:                  Subnet mask:
    Default Gateway:                Default Gateway:

    Preferred DNS server:          Preferred DNS server:

    I already tried some rules on my POOL 2 and 3 for the fail over.. But when i do the testing by turn off either one of my DSL, i lost internet connections… Looks like the fail over is not working. Also, when all my 17 pc clients are online, playing online games, watching video streaming, surfing, the internet is getting slower and slower (not like when i was using my d-link router)...

    Please help me on what to select, what values should i place when configuring the load balance and fail over...

    Many thanks to all.... Looking forward for usual help...

  • The tutorial in this link  uses 2 ISP of different DNS server… But in my case, my 2 DSL have the same DNS server... How do i  configure this?


  • Try using google dns or opendns as your monitor and dns servers

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