Traffic Shaping – or is it??

  • I'm running 1.0.1 successfully and have run through the traffic shaping wizard without difficulty.  I'm using pfsense to prioritize VoIP traffic.  The problem?  The traffic shaping seems to be working according to the graphs, but when I browse the Internet the phone audio chops up.  I've tried all sorts of settings and get the same results – web browsing or downloading still sucks up too much bandwidth.  The VoIP service is Nuvio (hosted PBX) and the phones are Polycom IP501s.

    Any suggestions?

  • Also try lowering your overall upload and download setting. If you are too close to your real bandwidth or your ISP is giving you some bit's less than advertised you might still be overloading your wan.

  • Thanks, I'll try some of the suggestions and let ya'll know what happened.

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