Embedded install retention

  • Hello, I have a pfSense box running on a VIA C3 and a 2GB Compact flash (embedded install), The system was running for around 26 days without any reboots. However, a couple of days ago I check to see how the box was doing and noticed the uptime changed to 2 days and data like RRD graphs was erased, configuration remained the same.

    My question: Does pfSense embedded erases all information like RRD graphs every month or is this an anomaly. Disk usage is 10%.

    Note: I checked on Google and re-read pfSense The Definitive Guide book before posting here.

    Any input is appreciated.

  • If the system panics or power cycles you are likely to lose file system data.

    I can't comment on the specifics of RRD graph data in the embedded version, in particular how it deals with RRD data to minimise disk writes. I seem to recall seeing that the embedded version kept RRD data in a memory (RAM) file system and dumped it to "disk" from time to time but I don't recall whether that was just a proposal or something that was implemented. I don't recall any details about how often the data was (to be) dumped nor what version of pfSense that was relevant to.

  • Embedded keeps RRD in RAM and by default only writes it to CF upon a normal shutdown. If you lose power, you lose RRD data. You can create a cron job to back it up periodically to make sure that doesn't happen if you lose power.

  • You are both right, it seems that some one pulled the plug on the pfSense box without telling me. I am glad its not a hardware failure. Verified by pulling the plug on the system, all RRD info was erased.

    Thank you!.

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