Streaming video over a OpenVPN between 2 pfSense boxes

  • Hello,

    I've set up an OpenVPN connection between my pfSense 2.0 box in the States to my pfSense 2.0 box overseas in order to watch Internet TV and VOIP.  My connection in the States is a 6Mbps download/2Mbps upload cable internet connection with Comcast.  My connection overseas is a 2Mbps Fiber To The Home connection.  Thus, in theory, I should be able to have 2Mbps from over my OpenVPN.

    However, what I'm getting when I try streaming video is a sawtooth pattern.  In other words, the connection ramps up to 2Mbps (or more) then quickly drops off to near zero.  Then ramps up again, over and over.  Meanwhile, the video plays well for a few seconds, then buffers, then plays, then buffers, etc.

    Any suggestions?  This traffic shaping is new to me.  I've read some things about MTU issues (but that's just for TCP traffic, right?) and using Token Bucket Regulator.  Is it more an issue with the actual video streaming service?  Is there some way to smooth out the traffic flow?  Possibly even lower the rate to slightly less than 2Mbps, thus causing the video to buffer more at the beginning?  Just a thought.

    One last question.  Would an IPSec connection be a better solution (better throughput)?  I don't really care about security or encryption.  Just want to be able to watch some decent TV and Skype.


  • You don't say what you have set the shaper to do.

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