Spamd - Configuration help needed

  • Hi guys,

    I'm configuring SPAMD and I just want to get a few things straight as I haven't used it before.

    I've read that it is just a tarpit but the web config has a next MTA option? I'm assuming it is a pass-on MTA then?

    On that basis I'm having issues accepting mail in from whitelist IP addresses. It just sits there and times out for white connections. Grey connections can connect fine but get the "try sending spam" responses up until you try and send an email, when it drops the connection.

    As soon as I take it out of the whitelist it can connect fine..

    So can somebody shed some light on what is mean't to happen for whitelist IP addresses? I've put in our inbound email server ip address but it never connects to it.

  • Thanks bill.

    Sorry I should have checked the man page.

    I see it forwards it directly onto the MTA once it hits the whitelist, meaning firewall rules probably need to be updated to allow Internet –>

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