Memory usage query

  • So I've been running pfsense for about 2 weeks now and over the last week I've noticed that it has slowly been using more and more memory on the machine.

    it started about 35% then a day later it was 55, then another day it was 65, another day 78, another day passed and it was at 80%, and now it's about 91%. It has started bouncing around 88-91%

    I have snort, squid, lightsquid and nmap installed.

    Snort is just set up with basic settings.. squid 250mb ram, 10 gig hard drive space (space is not at a premium, 100gig would be fine)  - about 250k connections

    Should I be concerned about anything?

  • That's absolutely fine, especially with that mix of services running.

    The operating system will automatically and dynamically cache pages of data that have been recently read from/written to disk.

    These cached pages are the most likely cause of the increase that you cite.

    If the operating system DIDN'T do this, the counter-argument would be "why does the operating system constantly read from disk when all that memory is free and could be used as a cache?"  ;D


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