Can't access VIP from inside LAN

  • Hi Everyone,

    My ISP has given me multiple IPs. I have the normal WAN "interface address" as well as an additional VIP which I have assigned to the WAN interface (Using ProxyARP).

    I have port forwarded port 80 on the VIP so outside users can access my web server. This is working ok. However, people inside my LAN can't access the web server using the external VIP address.

    My LAN tab just has the default allow all rule.

    I should probably mention that I have an additional interface called "Public" which is bridged to the WAN, where I have other servers which have been given a public IP directly (no NAT). The Lan can access these machines ok using the external IP.

    Any help is appreciated


  • Something tells me this has something to do with "NAT Reflection", however I'm a little confused in this area.

    I'm also using "Manual Outbound NAT", so I don't thing any rules are generated automatically

    Help is appreciated


  • Hmm ok all i did was enable NAT reflection in advanced setting and it seems to be working now :)

    However no new rules have appeared in the "Outbound NAT" section, or anywhere for that matter - is this normal?

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