New to pfSense - any advises for my router ?

  • Hi,
    I'm new to pfSense. I was using IPCop until now, but then need outgoing load balancing. Could you advise me on the feasibility of my future pfSense setup ?
    Here is my requirements:
    I have 3 LAN : Dev, Test and Visitor. Dev must access all other nets. Test must access visitor network. A printer and a Wifi AP will be connected to Visitor network. Should I manually add static route to setup these router rules? Or can I do it directly with the web interface ?
    Of course each network must have access to the Internet through two DSL lines. So I'd like to load balance outgoing traffic. I saw some quite good tutorials to achieve this.
    I need to setup OpenVPN to access the Dev network from the outside. Should be OK as IPCop also comes with OpenVPN (Zerina addon).
    For incoming traffic I'd like to force VPN to one WLAN interface and force FTP to the other. So heavy load on the FTP server won't slow the VPN. Each WLAN interface have a static IP so connecting to one or the other IP should determine the interface.
    For all this I need 5 NIC. Hope this won't be an issue.
    Thanks for your inputs !

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Routing between the three LANs will happen automatically if this router is the gateway for each network. You can setup those firewall rules you describe with minimal effort.

    The other actions would be handled by the load balancing tutorial, with maybe the exception of FTP. If you need to use the FTP proxy, the interface for the FTP traffic must be WAN. The FTP proxy in 1.2.x isn't really compatible with Multi-WAN.

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