Let us select a data type (other than text) for custom dhcp options in webif?

  • Hi,

    reformulated the question/request.

    It would be very useful if we could decide on the data type used in dhcpd when adding a custom option.

    My problem with type text for example is the following:

    I was trying to specify a static route using option 33 (only need /32).

    When I use the webinterface and set option 33 and put C0:A8:70:01:C0:A8:00:1E into the data field, which should be, it doesn't work.. windows complains about malformed dhcp data.

    When I put the same without the colons, windows doesn't complain and does get a static route entry, but it's COMPLETELY wrong! :D
    I get:

    When I set option type = string instead of text inside dhcpd.conf it works fine (the colon type version).

    Would it be possible to add another option to the webinterface so that we can select the type ourselves? This would be great!

    Or is it possible to achieve that with type text pfsense uses? How should the format look like then?


  • Sorry for my impatience. I think that I didn't formulate the subject text very well.

    What do you say about that? Would this be much work? Can't imagine that I'm the only one who'd need that but who knows.
    I understand that there are other features/issues to be taken care of with much higher priority though.

    Just wanted to know IF you would do that some time, or not. If not I'd need to help myself by editing everytime and doing something dirty because I know nothing about php :) after each upgrade.

    Thnx for any answer!

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