Interface Group GUI niggles

  • After first setting up the pfSense box with a single LAN interface, rules and in full working condition I then added 2 new interfaces to segment the network (typical VLAN setup, except pfSense has an exclusive interface to the VLAN).

    Since the 3 LAN interfaces have pretty much the same rules, I shoved them in an Interface group, and moved all the rules from the original single LAN setup to the Interface Group - this all works fine. The original LAN interface is also the first in the interface group.

    However there are a couple of GUI niggles which I'm not sure are a holdover from being created on the original LAN interface (hence why I mention the history):

    1. When opening the page to edit a Group rule from it's specific tab, the rule reassigns itself back to it's original LAN interface, and not the group's interface - you have to explicitly set it every time you save the rule, otherwise it applies itself back to the single interface.

    2. The second thing when creating a group is that there's no default selection for the source / destination networks - I had to create a specific Alias to map the 3 different subnets within the interface group in order to apply interface - since groups are a shortcut, it'd be great if pfSense could also create an alias that maps the subnets of the interfaces in the group as well - ie ' <groupname>subnets' and ' <groupname>addresses'.</groupname></groupname>

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    For point 1, open a bug ticket on it can be looked at.

    For point 2, open a feature request at the same place. :-)

    It seems like a reasonable request, and given that the individual interfaces get them, it is sort of expected that it continue to work that way in groups.

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